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All designs are copyrighted. Software is licensed to the original purchaser, Red Pine Embroidery.  Copying or distributing of any of these designs or artwork constitues a violation of copyright law.

Design numbers begin with 1 or 2 letters that identify the copyright holder.  Copyright holders and their 1 or 2 letter identifier are "AD" Advanced Designs,  "BM"  Bella Mia, "BT"  ©Balboa Threadworks, "CD" Creative Designs, "CP"  ©Cactus Punch, "D"   © Dusan Balara, "DC" ©Dakota Collectibles, "EI"  ©Embroidery Impact Designs, "EL"  ©Embroidery Library, "GN"  ©Great Notions, "GS"  ©Grand Slam, "OE" ©OESD, "RP" ©Red Pine Embroidery, "SM" Sew Man, "VS"  ©Vermillion Stitchery.

In order to create unique and personal embroidery for you, thread color used in the design can be varied from the photo example, and multiple designs can be combined. You may create your own personal design by selecting the design components you want. Merchandise is priced to include a single design.  Additional designs may be purchased for $20 each.




Oct 5 - Oct. 12, 2018 - Doberman National Specialty, Kansas Expo Center, Topeka, KS

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